There’s good news on the Ebola front. First and foremost – it’s now clear that the people who came in contact with Thomas Eric Duncan (the first Ebola-related death), from his girlfriend to the healthcare workers who cared for him, were cleared from quarantine. They do not have Ebola.

Second, this week, the Pentagon reported that a specialized, 30-member U.S. military Ebola response team will begin training at Fort Sam Houston. The rapid-response team will be made up of 20 critical care nurses, five doctors trained for infectious disease environments and five trainers in infectious diseases protocols. The training will take place over seven days, with personnel from the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases – all here in San Antonio.

That’s very good news. This ensures the infection will be properly handled by the health care team.

This scare has provided us with a great opportunity to review, practice and update our own infectious disease precautions and procedures – and not just for Ebola. Too many Americans are still at higher risk for the flu. It is NOT too late to get a flu shot.

Come in to Impact Urgent Care and get one today. Consider us your rapid response team – from caring for you when you get sick – to helping ensure that you don’t!

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